Automatic sheet to sheet carton laminator

Automatic sheet to sheet carton laminator machine. Easy to operate and quick set-up. Suitable for all packaging industry, display floor stands, sidewalk signs, outdoor displays, poster displays, etc…


Sheet feeder Sflute

1. Sheet feeder

  • Total height 2,600 mm.
  • Streaming feeding suction head.
  • Feeder bridge with double sheet detector.
  • 8 sets of lifting suckers.
  • 4 sets of joggers and spring type side guide to control and transfer the substrate.
  • Side guide metering adjustment for flute width setting.
Flute feeder Sflute

2. Flute feeder

  • Friction feeder system by perforated belts and suction (Power 2.2 kW).
  • Brake system by electromagnetic clutch.
  • Registration System with micrometer adjustment for excellent register when laminating cardboard with cardboard.
Laminating unit Sflute

3. Laminating unit

  • Main motor power 5.5 kW.
  • Coater consists of 2 rollers. The glue comes from the top until reach the gap between the application roller and metering roller.
  • The glue flow that is pumped out is controlled by a sensor.
  • Washing roller, it is used to remove unwanted glue stains from pressing cylinder, avoiding the flute to stain.
  • Laminating precision +/- 1.5 mm.
Pressure conveyor unit Sflute 1450/1650

4. Pressure conveyor unit

  • Total length 6,000 mm.
  • Independent motorized (total power 2.2 kW).
  • Conveyor system with uniform and balanced pressure to ensure optimum quality in any type of work to be processed.
  • Upper conveyor moves back and forward.


Carton Board

Carton Board

Corrugated Board

Corrugated Board


  • Processed Materials
  • Carton board min. 250 g/m²
  • Corrugated flute type E, F, B, C, A & up to 5 layers
  • Top sheet from 250 to 350 g/m²
  • Capability
  • Sheet size from 380x380 to 1650x1450 mm
  • Speed 5000 s/h
  • Line speed 130 m/min
  • Dimensions & Weight
  • Length 14.5 m
  • Width 2.6 m
  • Height 2.7 m
  • Net Weight 8.5 Ton
  • Installation
  • Electrical connected load 15.7 kW


Product Lines

ETH 1450

Automatic sheet to sheet carton laminator

ETH 1450H

Automatic sheet to sheet carton laminator